Woodcroft Community Neighbourhood Renewal Warranty Work

The renewal work done in 2012 has a warranty to 2014, and the 2013 work has a warranty to 2015.  If there are deficiencies that need to be fixed, it is preferable that they be done under warranty as the cost of these repairs are funded by "hold-back" funds.


If residents find deficiencies such as cracks in sidewalks, streets, etc. we are to contact Construction Project Manager, Adnan Akram.  His contact information is as follows:


Adnan Akram, P.Eng.

Construction Project Manager

Neighbourhood Renewal Section

Road Design and Construction

Transportation Services 

City of Edmonton

Ph: (780) 423-6728  

Cell: (780) 619-0198 

Fax: (780) 944-7707



To ensure deficiencies are properly documented, please provide Mr. Akram with a detailed description of the problem, the location, and your contact information.  Supplying photos of the deficiencies, when possible, will also assist him with his documentation of required repairs. 

For street lighting concerns, please contact Mike Rowel, City street lighting personal at (780-496-4259).


Note:  There was insufficient time last year to complete the laying of sod.  This will be completed in summer of 2014.