Dogs on Parkland

A person bringing a dog onto parkland remains subject to every provision contained in the Animal Licensing and Control Bylaw, #13145. This includes carrying a leash at all times, removing defecation, and having a dog license. According to the Parkland bylaw, dogs are permitted on parkland when a dog is:

  • Leashed on an improved or unimproved trail;
  • Leashed on a boulevard;
  • Leashed and in an area governed by signage permitting dogs;
  • In a designated off-leash area.

A dog may be on parkland in the above situations only if it is kept at least 10 metres from any playground, sports field or picnic site at all times.

When a dog is within an off-leash area it does not need to be on leash; however, the owner or any other person having care and control of the dog must carry a leash not exceeding two metres in length.