Decorative Lighting Update (November 11, 2010)

Next year our neighborhood is scheduled to be reconstructed, this means that the roads, sidewalks, etc…will all be totally redone.  Because of this neighborhood reconstruction, we have the opportunity to replace standard street lights with decorative street lights.  Decorative lights are the lights you often see in new neighborhoods.  This summer, residents had the chance to vote for the type of decorative lighting and the type that was chosen is a black fluted pole with a heritage arm. 


There is a cost to home owners for decorative lights.  The cost is based on the size of your lot and there are two payment options.  For example, if you prefer to pay a one time lump sum, the cost is $36.85 per metre. So if you have a 15 metre lot (50 feet), the cost would be $552.75.  The second option is to pay annually over 15 years with your taxes.  The cost for this is $3.31 per metre, so for a 15 metre lot, the cost would be $49.65 per year.


Throughout the month of October and November Woodcroft Canvassers have been going through the neighborhood asking owners of properties to sign a City of Edmonton Expression of Interest form, which would indicate that they want decorative lights in Woodcroft.  If you have any questions, please contact Arlene at 780-481-4420.