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EPS (Edmonton Police Service)

Community Policing/Community Initiatives


DIAL 780-423-4567 or #377 (#377 access only works within city limits)

  • If you require the attendance of a police officer at your location

  • If you require advice on how to proceed with a criminal report

  • A non-violent crime has already been committed, and there are no suspects or evidence 

  • Reporting minor, nuisance crimes, where no violence is involved

  • You are involved in a vehicle collision but have not sustained injuries, and your vehicle is driveable 

  • Your bike or personal property was stolen

  • Your vehicle was broken into and items were stolen 

  • Your property or valuables were vandalized 

  • You see suspicious persons or activities 

  • You need to find out how to bail someone out of jail

  • You have a general question about policing

  • More...

If you require the attendance of a police officer to your location, but this is NOT a crime in progress, call 780-423-4567 or #377 (from a mobile device) to reach the Police Complaint Line. The Police Evaluator who takes your call will assess the appropriate service for your needs. This will range from a police unit being dispatched to your location to advice being given on how to respond to a Police Station to file a report.


ON-LINE REPORTING is now available at the following site:

• it is important to keep police informed of non-urgent and petty crimes in the neighbourhood as it assists the EPS in determining where and when additional police presence in needed; 
• many “crimes of opportunity” occur when residents leave garage and house doors open and/or unlocked; 
• leaving garage door openers in cars gives thieves access to garages and homes; 
• warnings from alarms systems should not be ignored, 
• mark your property so that it can be identiļ¬ed. Police often see items in pawn shops that they believe to be stolen. However, they are powerless to do anything as the items have no identifying markings.